Norwegians 1/2

I already wrote two blog entries about Norway and about studying here in Oslo. But at one point I got tired of trying to depict a country I have only lived in for a few months in my own words, so I thought it would make more sense to let some Norwegians (and one almost-Norwegian) talk about Norway themselves. And what better day to put the first two interviews up here than the 17th of May, Norway’s national holiday?

I talked with Yngvild, Magnus, Berit and Jørgen about what they currently do, what they think about Norway and last but not least what they think or know about Austria, since that’s the country I was born and raised in. And since audio interviews with Norwegians don’t really work in German, this is at the same time my first blog post in English. The second two interviews will be released next sunday, since I don’t want to put too much content on here at one point.

Yngvild Skaarkaas


Yngvild explains why Norway is “so awesome”, why some Norwegians could be a bit more sympathetic and she insults the Austrian dairy industry.


Magnus Loennechen Skjelbek

Magnus talks about his studies, shy Norwegians and his visit to Vienna.


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